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No Escape :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 1 0 am i wrong...? :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 2 0 Inkling doodles :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 0 0
4F Challenge - Tropes
A trio of biosparks lay panting on the ground, recovering from a long sprint.
“That... was the wrong time to visit Matilda!” the red one commented
Ninko, the blue one, who was less durable than his oddly-colored friends, lay there happy to have escaped alive; “I always thought I'd die being swallowed. Not to someone like her.”
“Since when have broom hatters been dangerous?!” cried the one in green, far newer to his role than the other two.
“Since you stopped eating them?” Ro commented dryly.
The green one looked ashamed. He wasn't completely used of his new life yet, and it still hurt to be reminded of his past. Luckily for the mood, the trio was interrupted by a sudden appearance.
“Stopped eating what?” a familiar golden knight butted in.
The three jumped. A second ago, no one was there. Of course this guy would pop up. Ro stood dumbfounded, and Ninko thought as fast as he could to come up with some excuse - any excuse
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4F Challenge - Archetype
The forest was in a scramble. Gigant Edge stood guard in a cleared out area, his oversized sword in hand, prepared to fend off the intruder. He knew as well as anyone that the fight would be futile, but they all had to do their part to try. No one here was going down without a fight. Though he couldn't help secretly hoping that a certain gold-armored knight would finally cease to be.
And speaking of the little devil, he had heard of the coming ruckus as well. A young Sir Kibble who simply went by the name “Kibble”. The knight's antics constantly put the lives of the inhabitants in danger, even without outside intervention. Gigant Edge couldn't help but think that the mere fact that they were now under attack was somehow Kibble's fault. He didn't know how, but it had to be Kibble's fault.
Arthur, a blade knight of enhanced potential, stood guard beyond Gigant. Although he had more potential than an average blade knight, he had no idea how to tap into the power. The plan was
:iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 1 0
Raiglitch :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 3 0 Leaf Crest Dragon (Male) :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 0 0 Bomb Lion Sprite :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 0 0 Calm Down! :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 0 0 Bomb Lion :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 0 0 Leavsit :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 1 0 Chillin' with the Little One :iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 3 0
4F Challenge - Heat (Kirby)
“Why a canon? Can't you just get a bronto burt to fly you or something?”
A hot head was looking over part of the waddle dee work site with a timed canon aimed at the clouds.
“Not that far,” the waddle dee with him explained, “And besides, they'd be way too slow.”
Hot head studied the contraption.  It was a standard waddle dee-made canon with a striped decal on the side and a red arrow pointing where the canon was aimed. A bit of rope stuck out of the nearby ground as a fuse.
“Won't it work, like, once?” Hot head mused, staring at the exposed rope.
“Nope. It's a special regenerating material. This baby will fire off as many times as you can light it. It's really simple, really. The rope is made out of-”
“Stop. Before you use big words.”
Waddle Dee rolled her eyes. “Rope grows back fast. Simple enough?”
She tinkered with the canon a bit more and adjusted the angle while Hot
:iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 0 0
4F Challenge - Predator (Yoshi/Marioverse)
Out of the blue the
island fell, transformed
by a botched-up spell.
Everyone was forced
a brand new look when
their world became a book!
Clay and cardboard,
denim, too. It seems this
book was quite confused.
Young Master Bowser
failed his scheme; using
magic to save a dream.
Instead of the thoughts
within his head, the world
transformed instead.
Baby Bowser got a
scolding. The whole island
was literally folding.
He was amused with his
work, but not the scorning.
He'll fix this. Come morning.
The tree of his dream had
at least taken root. He
would have his tasty fruit.
Mass confusion did
commence. The world did
simply not make sense.
News had yet to spread
around. What had happened
to their ground?
Perhaps it was all some
evil plot. They'll find the
culprit, and take it not.
When Yoshis came for
fruit and meat, they weren't
in for a friendly greet.
A war commenced with great
casualty, when all the Yoshis
wanted was their tree.
The Toadies saw the
frightened land. This...
was not planned
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4F Challenge - Explain Something (Minecraft)
He doesn't completely remember why he's here. He's lost and confused. He remembers one thing. He was on the hunt for something. Someone. But who or what, is locked out of his memory.
He sees a world filled with bright purples and blues. A world of hues that alter themselves with the changing of the sky color. He cannot remember from whence he came, but the constant cycle of change feels alien, somehow, as if he doesn't belong.
He sees others like him, with their slender white bodies and green eyes. They talk when they meet. He doesn't remember what about, though. He doesn't seem to remember meeting them for long after they've met. No one seems to remember much.
He wanders the world, occasionally stepping in something painful to the touch. Usually it's a liquid of some sort. Be it a pond of blue or orange, or stepping out of cover when a blackish noise covers the land. But like his reason for being, he can never seem to remember to avoid these hazards. He always forgets.
Once he came ac
:iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 1 3
4F Challenge - (Legend of Zelda)
Obedient dogs. That's what they are. That scrawny two-legged has them completely under his control.
I've never understood them. They act like they don't mind being under the skinny man's command. One horse even seems to enjoy it. I've seen her let complete strangers command her. Says that's what a horse is supposed to do.
Maybe it's this man. He used to work for us, not the other way around. That changed years ago. The fat man left the ranch, and he broke my human friend. He's not only controlling us, but others of his kind as well.
I won't allow it. He managed to get the girl to saddle me, but no one is getting on my back. Not now, not ever. I took off with that awful thing on, and I wont dare let anyone close enough to mount me.
Strangers come and go, some after running a race against the thin tyrant using two of us as mounts. They always lose. The mare who likes strangers is the slowest runner among us, and she was the only other mare to wander the field with a saddle. The one stran
:iconalternatemew:AlternateMew 1 3
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I'll start with what I love here: First is seeing that you're expanding your horizons. I love your comics, of course, and hope you stil...

by Dolanna

Keeping in mind that this is a tattoo design, the lack of background means nothing, although transparency or a skin-tone instead of whi...

by Pa-ko

The vibrant colors on this are just gorgeous, and the switch from bright to... I don't know how to describe it, but using the cool colo...

by prosaix

The message is clear, the animation is smooth. I agree with other in that the usage of the troll face was clever. The three phrases you...


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Name: ???
Main Weapon: Tentatek Splattershot
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 15
Species: Inkling
Traits: Naive, carefree, optimistic, fun-loving
Interests: Tentatek

An inkling boy (who's unnamed so far, because I hate coming up with names) who's existence was key in Olivia's survival. He was messing around Blackbelly Skatepark when it wasn't in rotation for any sort of Turf War, and wound up being there right at the time of the octoling invasion. He happened to have their ink color and thought he accidentally stumbled upon a private match. Upon finding who he thought was a teammate due to shared color, he questioned what was going on, surprising the Octarian and distracting her from her mission. As all of her teammates got splatted, she survived thanks to this guy being oblivious. The zapfish, however, was lost, and she left in a foul mood.

Later on, he decided he wanted to get to know her better and started seeking out her home. With a bit of snooping, he managed to get into Octo Valley and catch a glimpse of Olivia with her mother, brother, and two sisters. She freaked out out of both embarrassment and concern; not only was this a hostile environment for inklings, but soon the dome itself would be dangerous for everyone.

Not ready to quit, he decided one night to camp out by the entrance, oblivious to the fact that Agent 3 had been assigned to watch that spot as well. Olivia did end up coming out, and would have been perma-splatted on the spot had he not agreed to accept the responsibility of watching her every move.

He's obsessed with Tentatek and refuses to wear or use anything that isn't by that brand. Works in Walleye Warehouse part-time packing and shipping boxes. He hates Ranked battles and constantly accuses his sister of having no sense of fun.


Name: Elizabeth
Nicknames: Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Eli
Main Weapon: Splat Charger
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 17
Species: Inkling
Traits: Serious, efficient, studious, appears a bit cold inked by nature. Quite protective underneath.
Interests: Learning, Self-improvement, Current and historical events

The responsible one who holds an A/A+ rank, being the one who makes enough cash to support the two of them. She's kind of pissed when her brother brings an octoling home (in a rather unusual way), but on the other hand, she's also the one smart enough to keep their new housemate undercover. After giving her brother the lecture of his life, she goes straight to her own wardrobe and picks the best gear for the situation; a cold-inked top to make the octoling stand out less, some bomb sniffer shoes so she can sense danger, and a hat capable of covering that hair of hers.

She mains a charger and is quite prone to salt, due to her income being the main thing supporting her and her brother. She pays the rent and stocks the fridge. The two have MIA parents, so they rely on each other.

She's not shy of pointing that laser at peoples faces for the sake of making them behave, and doesn't hold back the urge to splat her brother when she thinks he's being stupid. They live close enough to an ink pool to make his respawning a non-issue, which is at one early point used to further the fear tactic when interrogating Olivia, who was initially horrified to see her so casually splat her own brother.


Name: Olivia Coco
Nicknames: Olive, Coco, Tako Coco/Coco Tako, Auntie Coco
Weapon: N/A
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 16
Species: Octoling
Traits: Cautious, protective, blunt
Interests: Children

The octoling whom Beth's brother saved on more than one occasion, she now lives with them under surveillance. She's completely aware that she's only being allowed to live as what's essentially a prisoner or pet. Even given the opportunity to participate in Turf Wars, she's declined to so much as touch a weapon for fear that one of the agents could be watching. She's developed a particular loathing for Agent 2 after finding out her true identity and hearing a comment about "octo-pie" on the television. Funnily enough, at first she couldn't tell the difference between male and female inklings. So when she was told that the tentacle length was a good way to tell, she ended up calling Agent 2 a guy.

Through circumstances she came to using a large canteen as a bed, and had submitted early on in her new life to occasional travel inside said canteen mostly due to discomfort in crowded places. She had much preferred just be taken along for the ride than be made to interact with anyone. When questioned about how she could stand that without being humiliated, she answered that "Squeezing into small spaces is an octopus specialty" and that she likes small, dark places.

While she was not expected to get any sort of job, it was discovered that she's extremely comfortable around and really good with young squids. One of Beth's friends noticed this and got her a job at a daycare. The young ones have taken to calling her "Auntie Coco". While she's great with the children, an early incident where she had stopped eating after she got the job had to be corrected.

In conversation with the siblings, it's obvious she feels resentment towards inklings and not to happy with feeling watched all the time. She goes through a stage of extreme pessimism and sarcasm that lasts until she's spending the days at the daycare. Her hair is kept curled and inked in a way to create the illusion of inkling tentacles, with special additions to her hat to complete the look.


Name: ???
Weapon: Octoshot
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Age: 16
Species: Octoling
Traits: Stubborn
Interests: Not squids

No one in his family knew his orientation, which led to him being called a weirdo. While normal guys his age should be fighting guys and chasing girls (and subsequently getting the sense beat into them when they try to "claim" a girl as their own), he got stuck at the "fighting" part. He'll pick fights with girls and guys without discrimination. In turn, he kept his bullheadedness for far longer than other guys his age did. When Olivia went to visit her family for possibly the last time with Beth and her brother in tow, he tried to pick a fight with the squid only to get kicked outside for his hostile behavior. When the two squids were told about his oddness, Beth was the one who pointed out that he was probably gay.

As one of the Olive's two spared family members, he's by far the least likely to express any gratitude, and when teased about how squids are not just his only option, but his best option for romance, he goes on a rant about how he could never fall for a "stupid, slimy squid". Beth's brother is the least comfortable around him, mostly because he's afraid of being beat up. He's not a bad guy at heart, but he holds onto his racism and makes this clear as day. His sister is not shy of flipping him to the ground and letting him know he's not the boss, and has ought-right stated to Agent 3's face that it might actually be good for her to "show him his place"; even if that means splatting him in the end. This unintentionally showed off some major cultural differences between Inklings and Octarians: Namely, girls and guys don't get along so great and there's a reason the octolings seen in the zapfish incident were all girls.

He eventually becomes less hostile in attitude, though he sticks by his "stupid, slimy squids" remark. He becomes friends with Beth's brother, maintaining that it's a mutual agreement that neither is the other's type.
  • Listening to:
  • Playing: Splatoon
  • Eating: Soylent
  • Drinking: Coffee


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